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Many Christian groups take time to give thanks for the lives of those faithful loved ones who are no longer with us\, and this will be your opportunity to do so.\nSimply come to the table and light a small candle for your loved one. I will be there to pray with you if you would like. There will also be a large poster board for you to write the name of the loved one your are remembering. URL: LOCATION:Student Center Porch ORGANIZER;CN="Tim%20Drum" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20201104T080000 DTEND;TZID=America/New_York:20201104T190000 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20201014T135201Z LAST-MODIFIED:20201014T135201Z SUMMARY:Special SGA Elections DESCRIPTION:Pioneers we need YOUR vote November 4th to elect our Class Representatives and Ratify our BRAND NEW SGA Constitution our SGA Officers have been working hard to revise. Check your SMC email for the link to your ballot. We will also have several “polling” stations around campus for you to learn more how to cast your vote! Questions? Contact Rashad Cockrell\, our Student Leadership Coordinator URL: LOCATION:Online ORGANIZER;CN="SMCX%20Involvement" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20201105T170000 DTEND;TZID=America/New_York:20201105T180000 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20201102T142555Z LAST-MODIFIED:20201102T142555Z SUMMARY:Yoga Class DESCRIPTION:Join us for Yoga at the Fitness Center for group fitness classes at 5 & 6PM Thursday! Mats are available. (No Tuesday classes this week.) URL: LOCATION:Moore Family Fitness Center ORGANIZER;CN="SMCX%20Involvement" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20201111T140000 DTEND;TZID=America/New_York:20201111T170000 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20201104T221451Z LAST-MODIFIED:20201104T221451Z SUMMARY:Cops\, Cars & Cookies DESCRIPTION:Join your SMCX Community on Wednesday from 2-5pm at the Softball Field to grab a cookie and talk with your Campus Security Officers about basic car maintenance\, ask questions\, and learn a few tips and trick to help your car stay in tip-top shape! URL: LOCATION:SMC Softball Field ORGANIZER;CN="SMCX%20Community" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20201112T113000 DTEND;TZID=America/New_York:20201112T130000 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20201104T212227Z LAST-MODIFIED:20201104T212227Z SUMMARY:Friendsgiving Feast DESCRIPTION:SMC Students\, Faculty\, and Staff! You are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner with SMC Dining and SMCX Involvement. Enjoy local music\, great food\, and share what you are thankful for. It’s the little things that get us through these hard times\, and we want to spread some thankfulness before everyone leaves for the break! URL: LOCATION:Fireplace Room & Dining Hall ORGANIZER;CN="SMCX%20Involvement" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20201114T140000 DTEND;TZID=America/New_York:20201114T160000 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20201105T152418Z LAST-MODIFIED:20201105T152418Z SUMMARY:Cornhole Tournament DESCRIPTION:Campus Recreation is hosting our first Cornhole Tournament Saturday\, November 14th 2-4PM on the Judd Lawn! WINNING TEAM PRIZE is TWO $20 SMC Campus Store Gift Cards. Sign up to play using THIS LINK by November 13th at 5PM. There will be drinks and snacks for all who come to the event! Spend your Saturday at SMC. URL: LOCATION:Judd Hall Lawn ORGANIZER;CN="SMCX%20Involvement" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20201116 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20201117 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20200618T003417Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200620T023422Z SUMMARY:Last Day to Drop with a “W” (Online\, Enrollment Period 2) DESCRIPTION: URL: CATEGORIES:Enrollment Period 2,Online Degree Program END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20201117T180000 DTEND;TZID=America/New_York:20201117T210000 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20201110T180618Z LAST-MODIFIED:20201110T180618Z SUMMARY:Donut Stop Believing! DESCRIPTION:You’re almost to Thanksgiving Break & end of fall semester! Take a study break\, and stop by the Cellar for FREE Krispy Kreme donuts and hot chocolate courtesy of SMC Dining. The SMCX Involvement Team and SGA Officers will also be there to pass out awesome Pioneer Prizepacks\, be sure to stop by for a chance to win! URL: LOCATION:The Cellar ORGANIZER;CN="SMCX%20Involvement" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20201124T170000 DTEND;TZID=America/New_York:20201124T170000 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20200520T043540Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200520T044541Z SUMMARY:Residence Halls close @ 5 PM DESCRIPTION: URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20201125 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20201126 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20200520T043640Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200520T043640Z SUMMARY:No classes held DESCRIPTION: URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20201126 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20201128 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20200520T043726Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200520T043726Z SUMMARY:Thanksgiving Holidays DESCRIPTION: URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20201130 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20201205 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20200520T044015Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200617T232601Z SUMMARY:Classes resume VIRTUAL DESCRIPTION: URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20201130 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20201201 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20200520T044122Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200520T044122Z SUMMARY:Last Day to Withdraw\, FA\, or Reinstate DESCRIPTION: URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20201204 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20201205 DTSTAMP:20201130T005003 CREATED:20200520T044202Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200623T194306Z SUMMARY:Last Day of Classes Fall 2020 DESCRIPTION: URL: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR